As well as employing only veterans or members of their immediate families in our fundraising efforts, Veterans for Veterans supports the most highly rated Veterans Service Organizations in the country, those which take care of the physical, financial and psychological needs of our men and women.
Our mission is simple: To one day see that every veteran has a home and the benefits they so rightly deserve. Our veterans need your help. Please make a generous, ongoing donation.


Homes and Shelters
Our military families spend years moving from post to post, but when their loved one is injured they need to find peace in a supportive community near medical care.

In short, they need a home. Veterans for Veterans supports groups that purchase and renovate - at absolutely no cost to the military recipients - specially-adapted homes for our disabled veterans, along with long-term financial counseling. Even with some donated materials and corporate sponsors, these great organizations rely on individual donations to meet the overwhelming need.
In addition, because many men and women find themselves living on the streets after serving our country, we support homeless shelters specific to our veterans.

Through Veterans for Veterans, a portion of your donation will go to provide stability for our American heroes and work for our team of veteran fundraisers.
Urgent Need 
The sacrifices of the women of our U.S Military are not in the forefront of media coverage, but their roles - from support to pilots to doctors and nurses - has been invaluable for the decades they have been in service.

It is shocking then to find that there are thousands of women veterans without homes, living on the streets of our great country, many with children. There are many more who are single parents on the verge of losing their housing, their cars, their electricity, or cannot buy food.

Veterans for Veterans supports organizations formed specifically to meet the needs of our forgotten women veterans, and they are there to take care of issues both urgent and long-term.
We assist these efforts with your donations, as well as employing female veterans or their immediate family members in our fundraising efforts.
Saving Lives
Many of our veterans will suffer long-term from the trauma of their service and as a result are taking their own lives in unthinkable numbers.   Yet as we maneuver through the bureaucratic red tape in our daily lives  we can imagine the struggle our disabled veterans and their families must have in trying to access finances, rehabilitation programs and the ongoing medical treatment for them to achieve a sense of normalcy.  
Veterans for Veterans supports groups that promote awareness in communities, recruit mentors for veterans at risk and support  the counseling of veterans  (and their families) transitioning to civilian life.
Help us to save our vets and also provide employment for our Veterans for Veterans fundraising family.
Veterans for Veterans is a non-profit charity.
Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law